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Quality Control

Under the guidance of "win the opposition through perfect quality", our enterprise has employed some of the most leaded great technicians in our personal profession and has introduced the most superior manufacturing technics and equipment in view that the establishment. We have authorities specializing in exceptional management. We have established and applied a strictly controlled and appreciably sensible production best assurance system. Each production glide is continually below managed so as an ideal product.

1.Quality management system and certificate of products
  • ISO9001: 2000
  • The manufacturer license of Special of Equipment PRC
  • PED97/23/EC

2. Keys of quality assurance control
  • Craftsmanship of staff
Products of high quality are bestowed by using exceptionally qualified and expert staff. Our agency trains the new body of workers otherwise in allusion to exclusive requirements of positions earlier than getting down to working. They can solely begin work after having exceeded the assessment. Furthermore, we skilled the body of workers periodically so as to enhance their expert operation level.

  • Equipment and craftwork
Advanced tools are the foundation of pleasant the requirement of realizing tremendous craftwork design. HUASHANG brings in the most advanced and expert laboratories, with the well-equipped facilities: drawing machines, eddy current test machines, hydraulic test equipment, hardness tester, impact tester. We also have the most advanced handheld spectrometer, which can do the one hundred percent PMI chemical test. Therefore, our company enjoys a high reputation for the high precision of size, the uniformity of the wall thickness of the pipes

3. Quality control of the raw materials
Our out-sourcing uncooked materials come from the certified suppliers after being strictly audited. After arriving at our factory, besides for inspection on the size and Facing and chemical, all the uncooked material has to be qualitatively examined and has to be quantificational spectrum examined. It is still the examining effects meet the general of our fabric inspection and the inspection document provided by means of the supplier, that will we use the materials. After that, we will input all the inspection statistics into our pc for higher management.

4. Control of the producing process
first-rate control throughout the producing manner is one of the most necessary taches of guaranteeing the excellent of the products. In order to make positive that the exception of every product is below control, our company adopts the means of combining a hundred percent self-inspection via the worker and pattern inspection by way of the professional QC. We set up first-class manage reference point. The merchandise of the key working manner will have to be examined through professional QC earlier than getting into the subsequent working procedure. We separate the deficient merchandise and analyze the causes. Then we put forward amending pointers and dispose of these deficient products.

5. Inspection of finished products
In order to assure the promise of "no deficient products will leave our factory", we established the system of complete inspection equipment, advanced inspection measures, professional QC.

Test Items: eddy current per ASTM E-309, A450, E-426, or E-571, ultrasonic testing, air underwater, hydrostatic testing, corrosion resistance (A262, practice A&E), charpy v-notch(impack test, flatten test, tensile strength, yield strength, hardness test, chemical composition test etc!!!

1. Raw Material control
Identity and marking of material(PMI tested 100%)
Conformity of material test reports (each heat number)
Interior lab re-checking (chemical &physical)for each heat number
Dimensions and tolerance
Thickness checking
Quality of surface

2. Manufacturing control
Process procedure flowing card (each of item)
Dimensional and tolerance inspection
Heat treatment control
Strictly following the ISO&5S requirements

3. Final Inspection
Non-destructive and/or destructive testing will be conducted
PMI test (100%) Tolerance test (100%) Marking checking
X-ray examination Hardness test IGC corrosion testing
Ultrasonic test Spectrum Analysis Metallurgical tests in addition
to standard testing as per ASTM

Huashang now has a universal testing machine, metallurgical microscope, punching test machine, electronmicroscope+ energy dispersive system,canperform tests like mechanicalproperty, microstructure, intergranularcorrosion and fracture failure analysis, etc on stainless steel and nickel alloy material. Know comprehensive material function and failure cause, ensure the quality of each batch of goods by Fracture failure analysis.