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We offer a vary of offerings and merchandise which we are extraordinarilyproud of. Below you will discover some of our services. If you suppose we can assist you or your enterprise please contact us

Our Services as follow:
1.Cut to the Length
3.Mechanical Polishing
8.Bright heat Treat
9.Custom tubing
12.Laser Cutting

  • Cut to LengthCut to Length2018/07/10HUASHANG can furnish in-house, tight tolerance production cutting on small to large extent orders.The size is from 0.19mm t0 38mm, we use the Laser Cutting.HUASHANG has an in-house coiling machine th...
  • BendingBending2018/07/10Tubing is regularly bent for a variety of purposes, which include complex installation geometries, heat exchanger coils, and decorative/ornamental purposes. Tubing can be bent thru induction (using he...
  • Mechanical PolishingMechanical Polishing2018/07/10Mechanical polishing is used to grant a homogenous and brilliant appearance. It is finished by way of grinding the tubing with finer and finer abrasive grits to gain the desired finish or floor roughn...
  • MachiningMachining2018/07/10Huashang Tube offers machining and slicing skills that enable our clients to streamline their provide chain. huashang tube affords possibilities to consolidate your tube purchases and processing with ...
  • PassivatingPassivating2018/07/10Passivation is the treatment of a metal with a mild oxidant that removes iron, oils, and other contaminants,This allows the metals herbal passive layer to be extended and forestall corrosion. Stainles...
  • Special TestingSpecial Testing2018/07/10Every industry, application, and product has unique specification requirements consisting of special testing and NDE. HUASHANG offers our customers the industry's most present day, checking out prefer...