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SS Fitting Quality Control

1. Raw Material control
Identity and marking of material(PMI tested 100%)
Conformity of material test reports (each heat number)
Interior lab re-checking (chemical &physical)for each heat number
Dimensions and tolerance
Thickness checking
Quality of surface

2. Manufacturing control
Process procedure flowing card (each of item)
Dimensional and tolerance inspection
Heat treatment control
Strictly following the ISO&5S requirements

3. Final Inspection
Non-destructive and/or destructive testing will be conducted
PMI test (100%) Tolerance test (100%) Marking checking
X-ray examination Hardness test IGC corrosion testing
Ultrasonic test Spectrum Analysis Metallurgical tests in addition
to standard testing as per ASTM

Huashang now has a universal testing machine, metallurgical microscope, punching test machine, electronmicroscope+ energy dispersive system,canperform tests like mechanicalproperty, microstructure, intergranularcorrosion and fracture failure analysis, etc on stainless steel and nickel alloy material. Know comprehensive material function and failure cause, ensure the quality of each batch of goods by Fracture failure analysis.