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More Tubing Fittings To Consider

  • UNS N07750/DIN W. NR. 2.4669

    UNS N07750/DIN W. NR. 2.4669

    May 24, 2023SPECIFICATIONSPHYSICAL PROPERTIESRod, bar and forging ASTM B 637DENSITY8.28 g/cm 3MELTINGRANGE1393-1427℃CHEMICAL COMPOSITION%NiCrFeNb+TaCoCMnSiSCuAlTiMIN70.00 14.00 5.00 0.70 0.40 2.25 MAX17.00 9.00 ...view
  • UNS S32205/DIN W. NR. 1.4462

    UNS S32205/DIN W. NR. 1.4462

    May 23, 2023SPECIFICATIONSPHYSICAL PROPERTIESRod, bar and shapeASTM A 276, A 484DENSITY7.69 g/cm 3Billet and bar for forgingASTM A 314, A 484MELTINGRANGE1385-1443℃CHEMICAL COMPOSITION%CrNiFeMoCMnSiPSNMIN22.00 4....view
  • Long Neck Flanges

    Long Neck Flanges

    July 10, 2018Long Neck Flanges for sale at very competitive factory price!view