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What are the Elements of Selecting and Purchasing Steel Hydraulic Tubes?

(1) Nominal diameter of hose, selection of joint type (mainly flange connection, thread connection, rapid joint connection) and the scale of metal hose, hose length.
(2) Pressure, according to the practical pressure of hydraulic tube, and then inquire the pressure gauge of corrugated metal hose, to decide whether to use the metal hose of stainless steel mesh sleeve type.
(3) Medium, the chemical characteristics of the medium transported in the hydraulic tube, according to the anti-corrosion function of the hose raw materials and the raw materials of the parts of the hose.
(4) Temperature, operating temperature and scale of medium in hydraulic pipe and ambient temperature of hose. At high temperature, the pressure after temperature correction should be determined according to the correction coefficient of working pressure and temperature of metal hose at high temperature, so as to determine the correct pressure grade.
(5) Status, according to the condition of hydraulic pipe, refer to the accurate use of metal hose and device method and the best length of hose in settlement compensation. The length calculation of hose in various motion conditions, the number and radius of hose twists and turns are the key factors. The length of hose is selected accurately by the parameters, and the correct device is installed.
Above are the key factors to be noticed in purchasing steel hydraulic tubes, which are for reference only.

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