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Application of Stainless Steel Boiler Tubes

1. The early development of stainless steel boiler tube

In the first few years of the appearance of stainless steel boiler tube, it was only used as a research object to solve individual problems, so it remained in the stage of laboratory research. Because stainless steel boiler tube has many inherent characteristics and excellent heat transfer performance, it has been gradually applied to some industrial equipment or processes.

2. The current development of stainless steel boiler tube

In recent years, due to the gradual maturity of stainless steel boiler tube technology and the successful experience in the application process, stainless steel boiler tube has been considered as a valuable new heat transfer technology, has been increasingly widely used in many aspects of space technology and ground applications.

Stainless steel boiler tube has been used more and more in spacecraft and has been transferred from flight test stage to practical application stage. The application effect is good and the scope of application is also quite wide. From the mean temperature of stars, the internal temperature control of spacecraft to radiation radiators, remote sensing devices, and so on, especially the temperature control is the most widely used.

With the development of stainless steel boiler tube technology, the application of stainless steel boiler tube on the ground has been paid more and more attention, and has gradually penetrated into all fields of industrial production and daily life. From the electronics industry, chemical industry, power machinery, electrical manufacturing, to solar energy utilization, industrial waste heat recovery, temperature control, isothermal plug-in, casting mold cooling, medical equipment, food industry, etc., it has a broad application prospect.

As long as in the material, working medium, manufacturing and other aspects of in-depth research and improvement, the cost of stainless steel boiler tube will be greatly reduced. Compared with other existing means of heat transfer, its advantages will be more prominent, so there will be more types of stainless steel boiler tubes across the laboratory stage, and become a more economically valuable new heat transfer technology.

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