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Reasons Why the Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Tube Does Not Illuminate

The reasons why the bright annealed stainless steel tube does not illuminate are as follows:
1. First of all, we must consider whether it is the problem of the annealing furnace itself, whether the structure is reasonable, and whether the muffle can is airtight. The muffle can should be a sealed cavity that is isolated from the outside air and does not run out of gas or water.

2. The stainless steel tube itself has too much oil or water stain, so the atmosphere inside the furnace is destroyed, and the purity of the protective gas is not reached.

3. It may also be an ammonia decomposition furnace problem. The ammonia decomposition furnace must be equipped with purification equipment so that the decomposition gas is high in purity.

4. The annealing temperature is not enough. The annealing temperature of the 300 series stainless steel tube is generally 1050 °C-1080 °C. If it is lower than this temperature, the tube is also unblinkable.

5. The temperature after cooling is too high. After the high temperature annealing and cooling of the stainless steel tube bright annealing furnace, it is very bright in the gas protection environment. For some reason, the temperature of the tube after the furnace is still high, so that it is slowly darkened when exposed to the air.

If the above points are excluded, the annealed stainless steel tubing should be bright after 15 minutes or 20 meters after the furnace is opened. It is brighter than before annealing and is brightly reflective.

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