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The Difference between Stainless Steel Precision Tube and Finished Rolled Tube

Finish-rolled pipe is one of the high-grade varieties of seamless steel pipe products, and has the characteristics of high precision and surface finish. There are very few domestic manufacturers that use cold drawn pipes as finish-rolled tube blanks. The steel pipe factory uses existing equipment to provide tube blanks for the finished-rolled tubes by cold drawing, and find a more reasonable production process. Its products are used as finish-rolled tube billets, which can produce high-quality seamless steel pipes for cylinders.

Precision stainless steel tubes are called precision tubes because of their high precision and better tolerance control range. At the same time, the precision stainless steel pipe has uniform wall thickness, smooth inner wall and no silk road; the surface roughness is smoother and more precise than the general pipe. Ordinary seamless pipes are of chemical grade. After ordinary annealing, the surface is pickled and looks gray. They are mainly used in petrochemical, sewage treatment, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Features of Finished Tube:

1. Cold-rolled precision steel pipe has high tolerance and dimensional accuracy, the product accuracy is controlled within ±0.05mm, the inner and outer walls are smooth, and the surface has no oxide layer;

2. The comprehensive performance of cold-rolled precision steel pipe is excellent. It can withstand high pressure, cold bending, flaring, flattening without cracking, no wrinkling and various complex deformations and mechanical processing;

3. The popularization and application of precision seamless pipes can save steel, improve processing efficiency, and reduce processing procedures and equipment investment. This kind of stainless steel precision tubes can save costs and greatly save mechanical processing man-hours, increase production and material utilization, and at the same time help improve product quality and reduce costs.

Features of stainless steel precision tube:

1) The outer diameter is smaller;

2) High precision and small batch production;

3) The cold drawn finished product has high precision and good surface quality;

4) The horizontal area of steel pipe is more complicated;

5) The performance of the steel pipe is superior, and the metal is denser.

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