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Introduction And Features of the Flange Joint


A stamped flange joint is a stamping method that turns an outer edge or a hole edge of a blank or a semi-finished product into a vertical edge along a certain curve. When the line of the stainless steel stamped flange joint is a straight line, the deformation of the stainless steel stamped flange joint becomes a bend. So it can also be said that bending is a special form of stainless steel stamped flange joints. Stainless steel stamped flange joints can replace the deep drawing process of some complex parts and improve the plastic flow of the material to avoid cracking or wrinkling. Instead of first pulling and then cutting, the method of making bottomless parts can reduce the number of processing and save materials.

Stainless steel flange joint characteristics and uses

The strength and toughness index of stainless steel is better among various steels. Its advantage is that it is resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel must be used in places with strong corrosive properties such as chemical papermaking. Of course, the cost is high.

There are many types of steel forged flanges, and the classification methods are not the same. Among them, according to the nature of deformation, it can be divided into an elongated flange and a compression flange. Flanging refers to a method of forming a vertical straight edge along a curved edge of a flat portion or a curved portion of a blank.

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